Teething can sometimes be a tricky time but it is also an exciting time as your baby’s first ‘milk’ teeth emerge. As Experts in Oral Health since 1925 Bickiepegs have created a teething chart to guide you through the timeline of the appearance of these first teeth. In the same way as you measure you child’s height, why not track the dates when each first tooth comes out or when the second tooth forms with our Bickiepegs Teething Chart.Bickiepegs Teething Chart

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It’s a toothy fact – First teeth are smaller and brighter white in colour than permanent teeth!

It’s a toothy Fact – The part of the tooth that you can see above the gum is called the crown it is covered in hard, shiny enamel.

It’s a toothy fact – Enamel is the hardest substance in the body and protects the more sensitive inner parts of the tooth.

It’s a toothy fact – The appearance of your teeth is
hereditary, so if you ‘cut’ your first teeth early its likely
your baby will too.Bickiepegs Tooth Anatomy

It’s a toothy fact – Humans usually have 20 baby/ milk teeth and 32 adult teeth.



What holds the teeth in place?

Your Gums and your bones! Teeth are held in place in the mouth by 3 important structures; the gingiva or gums, the alveolar bone, and the periodontal ligament.

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