The History of Doidy

The Doidy Cup was invented by a draftsman around 1950. The cup was designed for his son whose speech was developing slowly. Following a visit to a speech therapist he was recommended to stop using the bottle with a teat which was thought to be impeding his son’s speech development and opt for an open cup. Whilst his son was learning to speak he pronounced Daddy as Doidy – the name was perfect! Designed in the U.K. in the 1950s the innovative, yet functional design has stood the test of time and with only a few cosmetic changes is still manufactured to this day in the U.K. to ensure quality and traceability. It is a firm favourite with health visitors in encouraging weaning to an open cup because the design allows children to see the level of the liquid and teaches early hand to eye co-ordination.


Doidy Cup is sold in many high street stores, supermarkets and independent children’s accessory retailers.
We are proud of our Health Professional links and the brand recommendations  and as a company we are a strong supporter of various campaigns to raise Oral Health Awareness such as British Society for Paediatric Dentistry’s new Dental Check by One Campaign.

 Doidy Cup Gallery

In this gallery you’ll find some of our Packaging and advertising through the years. For more of our fascinating history, see our Products & Archive Gallery, which includes Royal letters!

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