Peggie The Penguin


New Bickiepegs Peggie the Penguin® is both a sensory toy in the friendly shape of a penguin, as well as an effective teether, delivering satisfying relief to teething gums.  Designed to stimulate touch, vision and oral development in your baby, Peggie the Penguin® supports the good oral formation of gums, teeth and jaws – whilst stimulating tongue control.  Peggie is cleverly designed to reach both the front and back gum areas in the mouth – enabling your chomping baby to find relief even when the first molars start to appear. 

Designed to be held easily by little hands, Peggie the Penguin® is a friendly face for your little one as they navigate the often trying teething journey!  With integral safety features, Peggie is  BPA-free and designed in the UK  and comes with a smart little safety clip and ribbon to ensure that Peggie doesn’t drop to the floor when released – minimising the need for constant cleaning and re-sterilisation.  This also makes Peggie the perfect companion to soothe tender gums when you are out and about.

Peggie Teether and clip

Peggie the Penguin®’s key benefits include:

  • Sensory shape to develop touch, vision and oral development
  • Stimulation of gum, teeth, jaw and tongue exploration – supporting good speech development
  • Multiple firm edges balanced with soft surfaces, help prepare gum tissue for the natural formation of the tooth pathway
  • Unique design allows access to both front and back teeth, including molars
  • Safety clip and ribbon to attach to clothing helps to maintain hygiene and prevent loss
  • Textured food grade silicone and BPA-free
  • Dishwasher/freezer safe – read in-pack leaflet for safety and cleaning instructions
  • And a friendly penguin design in white and soft grey – ensuring Peggie is destined to be a favoured companion through teething-troubles!

You can buy Peggie the Penguin Sensory Teether in  Jojo Maman Bebe, online at amazon or via our webshop


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