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Our broader range of oral health products and infant health devices include:-

Bickiepegs Finger Toothbrush & Gum Massager

An ideal way to introduce your baby to cleaning their teeth and to help them with painful teething gums.Our double sided silicone finger toothbrushes have gentle rubber bristles on one side to softly clean your baby’s first teeth and dimples on the other side to sooth delicate teething gums. Fit the brush on an adult’s finger and then clean baby’s gums and teeth.

Dr. Barman’s Superbrush

From Norway the Dr. Barman’s Superbrush is a new design that makes it easier to clean all around toddlers teeth due to its unique all round bristle shape.

Jack N’ Jill Natural & Eco-Friendly Range

Jack N’ Jill is a range natural toothpaste and eco-friendly oral health accessories for babies, toddlers & children. The toothpaste was first made in Melbourne, Australia in 1949 and it has been a family business for more than 20 years and has now developed into a wider range of products including toothbrushes and travel gift packs. It continues to be made in Australia and we are excited that Jack N’ Jill products are now available in our shop.

B*Brite Flashing Toothbrushes

Children will love brushing their teeth with B*Brite flashing toothbrushes. The timer toothbrushes start flashing the moment they press the button and stop automatically after 2 minutes. They promote good oral hygiene by encouraging children to brush regularly. The timer helps them to brush for the time recommended by dentists. Soft, end-rounded DuPont Tynex bristles. B*Brite flashing toothbrushes are ideal for children aged between 1 and 10. They have been specially designed for a child’s hand and have soft bristles which are perfect for little mouths. Kids love them because they are fun and parents love them because they encourage their children to brush! Available in 6 colours  with matching animal characters.
Yellow – Billy Bear, Blue – Frankie Frog, Cerise – Poppy Penguin, Pastel Pink – Carly Cat,
Green – Marty Monkey, Red – Pippa Puppy
Batteries included.

Oral Health Programme (OHP) Toothbrushes & Fluoride Toothpaste

The Oral Health Programme is run throughout various parts of the U.K. with the aim of improving infant oral care. Through our partnership with the manufacturer we are able to offer the official OHP Programme Toothpaste in two fluoride strengths 1000ppm and 1450ppm and extra value OHP toothbrush multi-packs for infants (6 months – 18months)  and Juniors (18 months – 5 years). Each multi pack comes with 5 different coloured brushes in red, orange, green, yellow and blue which makes them ideal for family use.

Baby Led Weaning Step by Step Book – by Julie Clarke

Julie is a Registered Nutritionist, author and expert in baby led weaning. Her latest book Baby Led Weaning Step by Step is the first guide to take parents through the weaning process month by month. You can find out more about Julie by visiting www.spring-nutrition.co.uk


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