Doidy Training Cup


Originated in 1950, Doidy Cup has been scientifically designed with a unique slant to teach infants to drink from a rim, NOT a spout or teated bottle. This helps to transition infants to the weaning stage by introducing the concept of independent drinking.

The benefits of Doidy cup includes:

  • Your baby’s own cupThe essential aid to independent drinking in infants
  • Award-winning scientific design – Unique slant enables infants to judge liquid levels and allows natural motion of arms during drinking. Two-handled to help infants grasp the cup with ease
  • Promotes sensory, motor and brain development – Open cup trains hand-eye coordination in your baby as they learn how to drink from a rim through judging liquid levels and moving arms accordingly to deliver the liquid into their mouths.
  • Avoids improper speech development – Open cup does not involve a sucking motion which is seen when using spout & teated bottle. By drinking from an open cup rim it exercises facial and jaw muscles, which is important for oral development.
  • Recommended by health professionals – can be used for toddlers as early as 3months+
  • 100% safemade from food-safe PP. BPA free, conforms to EN14350. Dishwasher, steamer, microwave-safe
  • Available in 11 colours – Stimulates vision in infants and enhances visual development
  • Recyclable & Reusable