Not only is the Doidy Cup ideal for infants but it also lends itself for use with Special Needs & Adults, especially the elderly. It has successfully been used in dementia patients who find the drinking action more familiar to grasp than the sucking action required from a spout. Doidy Cups are also more dignified than many cups for these user groups. The Alzheimer’s Society has carried out research and found that utensils red in colour are easier for dementia sufferers to use.

Testimonial from a daughter caring for her mother with dementia:

“ The Doidy Cup is proving a fantastic way of getting my 91 year old mum, an advanced Alzheimer’s sufferer to drink. Can’t praise it enough! We are getting almost double the fluids into her since we started using it. I think the difference is that she can see the drink and as we can tip the cup so that her lips are moistened this also encourages her to drink. She is so much more alert and lively now. Many thanks again for a great product.”
Linda Malcolm.