Why Natural Teething Relief Is Recommended.


Many parents of teething babies will have seen the recent media coverage highlighting research that some teething solutions contain “potentially harmful ingredients”.  Dentists and healthcare professionals are advising parents to soothe their baby’s sore gums with natural solutions.  The ingredients that raised concern in the research included sucrose, alcohol and an anaesthetic called lidocaine.


Bickiepegs Healthcare, the British oral care brand that has been delivering natural teething solutions for babies since 1925,  has been trusted by parents and recommended by health care professionals for decades.

 Bickiepegs Natural Teething Biscuits, which contain only natural ingredients, have been used for generations (even in royal nurseries) as a reliable, gentle and safe way to soothe babies’ sore gums.

The British Dental Association (BDA)  warns against certain ingredients in teething products and is now urging parents to be more aware of ingredients listed on pack. The BDA advises against products containing sugar’ which increases the risk of tooth decay – whilst exposure to alcohol may lead to poor sleep and lidocaine, found in teething gels was potentially harmful in high doses’.


Bickiepegs Healthcare has discovered a continued desire for natural teething solutions which is backed up by their own recent research[1] revealling 60% of parents would rather recommend an effective natural teething remedy to a friend or relative than one that contains drug-based ingredients.


Bickiepegs Natural Teething Biscuits were designed in 1925 by leading paediatrician Dr Harry Campbell. They provide both a hard surface on which to cut teeth and supply a baby with the vital exercise required for the development of their jaws, jaw muscles and gums.  Bickiepegs satisfy emerging teeth and help ease the pain associated with teething – naturally.

 Bickiepegs Natural Teething Biscuits with their long ‘finger’ shape are ideal for reaching not only the front teeth – but unlike many traditional teething rings, they also reach the back teeth which can be particularly painful as they erupt.

Melonie Prebble, a leading dental therapist comments “It is important that babies use natural teething aids like Bickiepegs Natural Teething Biscuits, in order to exercise their jaws, help teeth spacing and provide welcome respite from the painful symptoms of teething.”

The Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) advice is ‘to help babies & children with teething, parents and caregivers should try non-medicine options such as rubbing or massaging the gums.’   Bickiepegs Finger Toothbrush & Gum Massager is perfect option for soothing those sore little gums!  Gentle and easy to use the double sided silicone brush  is perfect for softly cleansing first teeth, whilst the dimpled side offers soothing relief to delicate teething gums.


Dr Jemma Hook aka @themummydentist believes it’s also important to keep your baby’s teeth and gums clean during teething adding “The advice from the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry UK is to take your baby for a dental check up before their first  birthday.”  https://dentalcheckbyone.co.uk/ 




You can buy packs of Bickiepegs natural teething biscuits online here:  https://www.bickiepegs.com/shop/

Or find us in store at Asda, Boots, Ocado, Sainsury’s, Superdrug and independent pharmacies.

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[1] Bickiepegs Survey 2019 with OnePoll across 500 parents of 0-3 year